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Carmel Research Center Inc. is made up of a unique combination of physicists, computer scientists, and technologists. These teams work together to push the forefront of science and technology.

Dr. Devrie Intriligator has been researching space weather and actively developing forecast applications for more than 20 years. Her research focus is space plasma physics, ranging from space weather at Earth to space weather effects beyond the solar system. Her studies include comprehensive analyses of particles and fields measurements and interpretations of these results in light of theoretical expectations.
In the last few years, Dr. Intriligator and the members of the CRC Space Plasma Laboratory have worked with and co-authored papers with a number of people, including:

Dr. Devrie Intriligator

Senior Research Physicist, Director of the Space Plasma Laboratory, and CEO

Dr. Dana Crider

Catholic University


Dr. Robert B. Decker

Applied Physics Laboratory


Dr. Thomas Detman

Carmel Research Center, Inc.


Dr. Robert Forsyth

Imperial College


Prof. George Gloeckler

University of Michigan


Dr. Joseph Grebowsky



Dr. Timothy Horbury

Imperial College


Dr. Randy Jokipii

University of Arizona


Dr. Horst Kunow

University of Kiel


Dr. Wei Sun

University of Alaska


Dr. Nancy Crooker

Boston University


Dr. Charles Deehr

University of Alaska


Dr. Murray Dryer

Carmel Research Center Inc.


Christine Gloeckler

University of Michigan


Dr. Jack Gosling



Prof. Douglas Hamilton

University of Maryland


Dr. Richard Hartle



Prof. Darrell Judge

University of Southern California


Dr. Hector Perez-de-Tejada

University of Mexico


Dr. William Webber

New Mexico State University

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